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JoAnn's Blog

April 24 Poem


winter survivors:
milkweed, lilacs, columbine,
maple trees, and me


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Winter Poems & Poetry Friday!


melting snow + rusted gutter = icicle cascade


Imagine the view from inside that window!


Snowman – Cold = Puddle by Laura Purdie Salas is a clever combination of poetry, math, and science. Spring equation poems, poetic informative explanations, and lively collage illustrations by Micha Archer make this book a joy to discover and reread. I was inspired to write a few equation poems of my own, including the one above. I'm limited to one photo per post, so I can't show you the cover, but do look for the book—it's delightful.


I've been trying to walk the dog outside as much as possible between unbearable weather events. We both need it! Here's a haiku from yesterday's icy walk:


sunlit snowbanks sparkle

frozen camera balks

battery exhausted


This year for the first time, I'll be one of 64 authletes taking part in the Madness Poetry Tournament, in which a word is assigned to be included in each poem. To warm up, I've been writing short poems that include a random word that pops into my head. Here's one from this morning, based on ascertain:


Dog Walk Intermission


While the dog sniffs a snowbank,
I try to ascertain
where the cardinal is tweeting
its lonely refrain.


Polls open March 5th for Round 1. Please stop by, read the poems, and vote!


Monday is my favorite date of the year, March 4th. For me, it's the beginning of spring—a chance to take stock, clear out clutter, and start fresh. I'll be celebrating all day. In fact, I've already started. Join me, won't you? March forth!


Linda has today's Poetry Friday Roundup and an ingenious spring anagram poem at TeacherDance. Enjoy!


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Winter Weather Haiku

a break at the lake during yesterday's quick walk

I love the challenges of writing haiku: creating a scene in three brief lines, making every word count, adding that little twist. Here are some I've written this cold, snowy winter.

Windblown shopping bag
rolls down our snow-covered street--
plastic tumbleweed.

Icy sidewalks thaw,
refreeze in brand-new patterns.
Surprise! Ice dancing!

How windy is it?
Constant droning creeps me out.
Tree trunk's swaying--yikes!

Poor dog, whisked outside,
rushed around the block. Long walks
have to wait till spring.

Today's view: fresh snow,
rabbit footprints, smudged window.
Spring cleaning starts now.

Under bird feeders,
melting snow reveals mountains--
sunflower seed shells!

Today's forecast calls for rising temperatures at last. Everyone in Wisconsin is celebrating. Sounds like an idea for a new poem, right? I'll get right on it.


P.S. I sometimes post poems on Facebook. Friend me if you want to see more. You can also follow me on Twitter.

P.P.S. It's Poetry Friday! Today's Roundup is at Reflections on the Teche. Enjoy!

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