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JoAnn's Blog

Learning: a Power Outage Haiku


Last weekend, we lost power three times during a blustery snowstorm. The official total at the Milwaukee airport was about 9 inches of wet, heavy, sloppy snow. We were lucky that our house warmed up between outages and that the only place we had to go was outside to shovel. Most of the snow has since melted. Read on to find four more haiku I wrote during the storm.


Tomorrow is the first day of National Poetry month! I plan to post a poem a day. Come back and visit!


Mary Lee has the Poetry Friday Roundup at A(nother) Year of Reading. Enjoy!


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Squirrels: a Power Outage Haiku


snow-laden branches
squirrels chase on undersides
storms don't stop squirrels


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Snowblown Ducks: a Power Outage Haiku


snowblown ducks shelter
beneath snow-laden branches
safe and warm for now


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Songbirds: a Power Outage Haiku


power out again
songbirds gather at feeders
only show in town


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Winter Storm Warning: a Power Outage Haiku


actual forecast
repetition makes the point
power out again


We lost power during a snowstorm last weekend. Surprise! It turned into an opportunity to write Power Outage haiku.

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