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JoAnn's Blog

Two New Poems Out in the World!


I'm tickled to announce the publication of two new poems!


As a formerly obsessive doomscroller, I'm thrilled that I no longer feel compelled to check the news every few hours. "What Shall We Do After Doomscrolling?" appeared in the Poems of the Week of Light: A Journal of Light Verse since 1992. 


"Paper-Free Plea" is on page 43 of the Winter 2021 issue of the SCBWI Bulletin. Only SCBWI members can view it, so I'm posting it here, too.


Paper-Free Plea


For umpty-some years as a writer,
I scribbled my stanzas in pen,
filled notebooks I bought by the dozen,
then printed again and again.


I wrote on both sides of the paper,
recycled so diligently.
In spite of my Earth-friendly efforts,
somebody chopped down a tree.


My memory's not what it once was,
but lately, I've learned a new trick:
I dictate my drafts and revisions.
The software's convenient and quick!


Technology's always improving.
So sad the environment's worse.
Let's help make the world a bit greener
while drafting our stories and verse.


JoAnn Early Macken

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