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JoAnn's Blog

Notes from the File Cabinet


Autumn has arrived, and it kinda feels like winter. I spent much of the summer with my hands in dirt, but I'm back inside now.


We had some work done on our house (New windows! New paint!) that required emptying out the room where I write and sew. I was determined not to cram everything back in, so I emptied out the file cabinet and gave it away. Now I'm sorting through piles of paper. I've made some progress, but there's much more to read and revise or recycle. Here's a poem I found and updated, started in July 2019.



I am not the only one

who works from dawn to setting sun.

Robin builds a sturdy nest,

never stops to take a rest,

then lays eggs! That must be hard.

Squirrel digs up half the yard.

Rabbit nibbles on the flowers

that I tend for countless hours.

Whether weather's hot or cold,

bees fill up their sacks with gold.

Beaver dams a rushing stream!

Compared to them, my life's a dream.


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