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Three Ways of Writing About Narcissus



oniony bulb

tall, tippy stalk

pale flowerlets remind us:



I might be late to the party, but here I am, slipping in one more Poetry Friday post before the end of the year. I made three attempts to write about the narcissus bulb forced to bloom on my desk. The first is an elfchen, a new form to me, introduced by the #PoetrySisters. It didn't really say all I wanted to say, but I will try the form again. As I kept scribbling, I fell into the more familiar haiku.


 from tall, tippy stalk,

small burst of pale flowerlets--

spring in December


Finally, I tried free verse, which gave me a little more leeway.


Narcissus sprouts

from oniony bulb.

Glistening white roots

sink to drink.

Tippy stalk stretches

in daily increments.

 Pale flowerlet sunburst

helps us remember:

spring circles back.


And now I want to say Happy New Year to all! May it be filled with all kinds of hope, joy, and love!


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