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JoAnn's Blog

Winter Weather Haiku

a break at the lake during yesterday's quick walk

I love the challenges of writing haiku: creating a scene in three brief lines, making every word count, adding that little twist. Here are some I've written this cold, snowy winter.

Windblown shopping bag
rolls down our snow-covered street--
plastic tumbleweed.

Icy sidewalks thaw,
refreeze in brand-new patterns.
Surprise! Ice dancing!

How windy is it?
Constant droning creeps me out.
Tree trunk's swaying--yikes!

Poor dog, whisked outside,
rushed around the block. Long walks
have to wait till spring.

Today's view: fresh snow,
rabbit footprints, smudged window.
Spring cleaning starts now.

Under bird feeders,
melting snow reveals mountains--
sunflower seed shells!

Today's forecast calls for rising temperatures at last. Everyone in Wisconsin is celebrating. Sounds like an idea for a new poem, right? I'll get right on it.


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P.P.S. It's Poetry Friday! Today's Roundup is at Reflections on the Teche. Enjoy!

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