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JoAnn's Blog

#SaferAtHomePoem No. 31 (April 23, 2020)


last riverside walk
farewell beavers, turkeys, coyotes
golf course reopens


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#SaferAtHomePoem No. 30 (April 22, 2020)


Earth Day river cleanup
many small contributions
add up to big change

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#SaferAtHomePoem No. 28 (April 20, 2020)


new morning routine
coffee, muffin, riverbank
before crowds arrive


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Snowshoe Surprise & Poetry Friday!


My doctor says I need more exercise.
Cholesterol, you know... heredity....
Begrudgingly, I strap my snowshoes on
to trudge beside a frozen riverbank
with traffic roaring on my other side
and robins cheering me from overhead.


I stop to catch my breath above the spot
where freeway runoff keeps a channel clear
and beavers built their lodge across the way.
Beside the aging concrete ledge, I see
a wide, flat tail extended on the ice.
I hold my breath and watch the beaver chew.
Thin saplings rustle when it rounds the bend.


My doctor says I need more exercise.
So this is my prescription?

Lucky me!



Laura Purdie Salas has today's Poetry Friday Roundup at Writing the World for Kids. Enjoy!


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