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JoAnn's Blog

National Poetry Month Day 22 & Happy Earth Day!


Millions of animals die each year from ingesting plastic or getting entangled in it. Today's poem is a reminder: one reusable cloth shopping bag can replace dozens of "disposable" plastic bags and (unlike plastic) biodegrade after it wears out.


Our small volunteer group has sewn and distributed more than 1800 handmade cloth shopping bags. The Boomerang Bags movement includes more than 1100 sewing communities like ours, and together we have made more than 500,000 bags. The fabric is donated, so we keep it out of landfills as an added bonus.


When we started sewing in 2016, I thought it was a simple solution. Now I know better. We keep trying.


I'm posting a new poem each day for National Poetry Month. Read on to see more. Note that they are not necessarily final drafts.


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