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JoAnn's Blog

National Poetry Month Day 21 & Poetry Friday!


These warning signs pop up in our neighborhood every year. I think a lot of people don't realize that pesticides kill all insects, removing food sources from birds and other creatures and depriving us all of their benefits and fascinating company. Margaret Renkl makes the point eloquently in this New York Times article and even offers an alternative for those who are plagued by mosquitos. (The CDC says it is safe for people, animals, and other insects.) 


Will we see fireflies this summer? Butterflies? Dragonflies? Ladybugs? Cicadas? Only if people pay attention to the warnings. And care.


I'm posting a new poem each day for National Poetry Month. Read on to see more. Note that they are not necessarily final drafts.


Karen Edmisten has today's Poetry Friday Roundup. Enjoy!

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