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JoAnn's Blog

Shopping Bags, Weather, and Poetry Friday!


In between writing projects, I often get the urge to sew. And in between clothes-making projects, I make shopping bags to donate or give away. Since 2016, I've belonged to a group of volunteers who sew reusable shopping bags from donated fabric, part of the worldwide Boomerang Bags movement. Our goals are to reduce the use of "disposable" plastic bags and to keep usable fabric out of landfills. The pandemic put a stop to our monthly Sewing Bees, but we all still have stashes of fabric, and we keep plugging away when we can.


Plastic pollution is an enormous problem, and using a reusable shopping bag is a tiny solution. But I firmly believe that tiny solutions can add up to big change if enough of us implement them. In the meantime, remember to bring your reusable shopping bags when you shop!


Tabatha Yeatts is hosting today's Poetry Friday Roundup at The Opposite of Indifference. Enjoy!


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