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JoAnn's Blog

Two New Poems Out in the World!


I'm tickled to announce the publication of two new poems!


As a formerly obsessive doomscroller, I'm thrilled that I no longer feel compelled to check the news every few hours. "What Shall We Do After Doomscrolling?" appeared in the Poems of the Week of Light: A Journal of Light Verse since 1992. 


"Paper-Free Plea" is on page 43 of the Winter 2021 issue of the SCBWI Bulletin. Only SCBWI members can view it, so I'm posting it here, too.


Paper-Free Plea


For umpty-some years as a writer,
I scribbled my stanzas in pen,
filled notebooks I bought by the dozen,
then printed again and again.


I wrote on both sides of the paper,
recycled so diligently.
In spite of my Earth-friendly efforts,
somebody chopped down a tree.


My memory's not what it once was,
but lately, I've learned a new trick:
I dictate my drafts and revisions.
The software's convenient and quick!


Technology's always improving.
So sad the environment's worse.
Let's help make the world a bit greener
while drafting our stories and verse.


JoAnn Early Macken

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Day 6: Helping the Planet, Poetry Friday, & a Book Giveaway!

          If you walk along the river,
          you’ll find trash among the bushes,
          snagged in branches,
          stuck in trees.
          You will find a plastic bag.
          Plastic bags are everywhere.

          Pick one up. This is important.
          Fill it with the trash you find.
          Yes, I know you didn’t drop it.
          Help the planet anyway.
          Someone has to be a steward.
          Someone has to care.

For the past year, a group I cofounded (Bring Your Bag Shorewood in Shorewood, Wisconsin) has been sewing reusable shopping bags from donated fabric and stocking them in a local grocery store. People who forget their bags can borrow one and bring it back for someone else to use. I wrote about it on the Authors for Earth Day blog. Tonight, we’ll be at the Shorewood Conservation Committee’s free screening of Bag It at 7 p.m. at the Shorewood Village Center. We'll talk about reusable shopping bags and our group’s efforts to reduce the use of unnecessary disposable plastic.

I'm giving away a copy of Write a Poem Step by Step every day in April. The book is based on my school visit presentations and includes a simple plan you can follow to create your own poems. I wrote it for students, teachers, and writers of all ages.

Post a comment here to enter. I'll choose one at random tomorrow and drop a copy of Write a Poem Step by Step in the mail—U.S. addresses only, please. I’ll email you for your mailing address if you win. And if you don't win right away, please try again. I'll have 31 copies to share!

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type anything in the box! (I'm working on it.)

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater has today's Poetry Friday Roundup at The Poem Farm. Enjoy!

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