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JoAnn's Blog

Turning Points

I’m back—and happy to report that all is well. After an amazing six months, during which our son was diagnosed with leukemia, treated with three grueling rounds of chemotherapy, and (thank Goodness!) declared cancer free, I’m thrilled to be back at my desk.

Yesterday, I forced myself to keep my Butt in Chair until I finished yet another revision of a nonfiction poetry collection. Although it was crucial to the process, that step—compiling research and verifying facts—felt a bit like drudgery. I’m glad I made myself stay put. Part of what enabled me to keep moving forward was that I expect to have more fun playing with language during the next step.

This morning, I heard my first cicada of the summer, which inspired this poem:

              Turning Point

              Cicada buzz signals
              the halfway point of summer.
              Quick, I tell myself,
              don’t miss this chance
              to picnic
              and swim.

              Absorb the heat,
              each sparrow chirp,
              and every rosebud’s scent.

              Stock up on sandy footprints,
              sunlight on bare skin,
              that fresh tomato flavor.

              Set aside provisions,
              enough to tide us over
              till next spring.

I didn’t recognize the connections between these events until I entered the title of the poem (and now the post), which fits just about everything I’m going through right now.


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