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JoAnn's Blog

The Perfect Poem

Here in Wisconsin, we’ve got cold. It’s a good time to buckle down and write. I’m plowing ahead on the seventh book of eight in my Poet’s Workshop series, and somehow I lost a poem I wrote for a chapter on riddle poems. Here’s my thought for today.

              The Perfect Poem

              Once I wrote a perfect poem.
              If only I could find it!
              I searched inside my messy desk,
              on top, beneath, behind it.
              I poked through every pocket
              and each notebook I could see.
              I think it was a perfect poem.
              This really bothers me.
              Once I wrote a perfect poem.
              I’m not sure what it said.
              So now I have to wonder:
              Was it only in my head?

              JoAnn Early Macken

Today's Poetry Friday Roundup is at Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference. Enjoy!

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