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JoAnn's Blog

Meteor Showers, Poetry Link, and Poetry Friday

Lake Superior in daylight

Last summer during a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, my husband and I made our way to the shore of Lake Superior to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Late at night, in the dark, we had the whole beach to ourselves. In about an hour, we counted 51 meteors!

Last night, when we heard about the Geminid meteor shower, we took a quick trip to a park north of Milwaukee to escape the city lights. We didn't stay nearly as long--it is December, after all--but we saw enough to make the effort worthwhile. Here is a draft 0f a poem I wrote this morning.

Meteor Shower

              Stars lit our way
              down the steep, winding path
              through tall, naked trees
              to the wide-open beach.

              Wrapped up in blankets,
              we waited, laughing.
              Waves crashed on shore,
              and bright streaks of light
              flew between stars.
              Oooh! Ah! We counted aloud.

              Sand in our hair,
              we climbed back up, quiet,
              turning around
              for one last look
              through tall, naked trees
              on the steep, winding path.
              Stars lit our way.

Poetry Link: Your Daily Poem, where you'll find "poetry that is touching, funny, provocative, inspiring, and surprising." I'm enjoying finding a poem in my Inbox every day.

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